Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grub & Tucker, Newtown

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Happy Australia Day!

Amuse Bouche: Tomato Soup

I think that being away from home makes me feel much more patriotic! Anyway, here's a meal I shared with a few girlfriends last year. After some after work drinks, we decided to walk down King St to find some food. We ended up walking into Grub & Tucker. People either love or hate the name. I love the name, it conjures images of home cooked, hearty meals.
Bread platter with mixed dips

Grub & Tucker is a combination of modern Australian fare with a French inspiration, from what I gathered. We perused the menu for quite some time before deciding on what we wanted to order. We were then served an amuse bouche of tomato soup. As I am not a big fan of tomato soups in general, I didn't enjoy it that much. But I thought it was a nice little touch. For our entree we shared a bread platter with a mixture of four dips. Thankfully we were sharing because it was such a huge portion! The bread warm lovely and warm and the dips including guacamole and cream cheese were great accompaniments.

Specials Board: Tiger Prawn & Scallop Risotto with Proscuitto, Parmesan and Fresh Herbs $19.50

JJ-bird ordered the tiger prawn and scallop risotto from the specials board. It was definitely a generous portion, with a decent amount of seafood scattered throughout. I had a little taste and it was certainly very flavoursome and cheesy.

Pan Fried Barramundi Fillet
with creamy risotto of tiger prawns, baby spinach & smoked salmon $19.50

Smurf ordered the pan fried barrumundi fillet. It had a lovely crispy skin and the flesh was soft and moist. The risotto was also quite generous and really flavoursome.

Rib-Eye Steak with Mash

PB ordered the rib-eye steak with mash. I forgot to take note of the exact price of this dish, but I think it would have been between $19 - $23 (just guessing!). The steak was cooked perfectly and PB was quite happy with this dish.

Snapper Fillet with lemon herb crust, French beans, baby spinach and tomato butter sauce $19.50

I ordered the snapper fillet. I loved the crispy lemon herb crust. The snapper was soft and moist, like the barramundi. The accompanying sauce was light and flavoursome. There was no way that I could finish this dish though, it was way too big! Actually, I don't think any of us managed to finish our meals cause they were huge!

The servings at Grub & Tucker were huge, so it's definitely a great place to take the boys or someone who hasn't eaten in a few days! All of our meals were very flavoursome and reasonably priced. Not a bad option and something different to the millions of Thai restaurants around Newtown!

Grub & Tucker
191 King St,
Newtown NSW 2042
Tel: (02) 9516 4970
Open 7 days
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  1. My goodness, how large are those serves of food! (And welcome back =D)

  2. Love the name too! And that risotto looks so good! So many prawns and scallops, yum.

  3. I think Grub and Tucker is a cute name - reminds me somewhat of an American diner and the dishes seem reasonably priced and sized!

  4. oh yes! I'd for any dish with scallops! Looks cheesey indeed

  5. Wow, those servings really are enormous! I'l take note of this place to take my hubby to when he is feeling hungry :D

  6. I don't get enoough fish these days- but summer is the perfect season for seafood so there's no excuse.

    Yes- the serving are huge!

  7. heehee such a cute name for a restaurant! i love places with massive servings too... just to satisfy my equally massive appetite!

  8. Looks like some good deals there with the size of the dishes for the price, and some hearty flavours. You'll have to go back in winter when you're in need of some massive hot dinners :D

  9. Hi Betty,
    We've been following your food blog for a while now and have been inspired to start one of our own!
    Here is the link to our blog http://nomnomnibblies.blogspot.com/
    Please pop by when you have time!
    P.S Looks like Grab & Tucker is the next place to go the next time we're in Newtown - You got us at the Tiger Prawn & Scallop Risotto and their big servings :P

    Love, L & J xx

  10. Hey, great review. Succinct yet enough detail to get the saliva going! I live in Newtown and haven't yet been to Grub & Tucker (I don't like the name, it sounds a bit tacky) but I will be going soon enough - good food and huge portions make me very happy.

    Good work on the blog, keep it up!

  11. Hi Mademoiselle délicieuse: I know! They were very generous portions!

    Hi Joey: Yep, such great comfort food.

    Hi Trissa: Me too :) Yes, definitely reasonably priced and sized!

    Hi Adrian: You love scallops too? Awesome!

    Hi Lorraine: They really were! Hehe, yes I don't think he'll go home hungry if he came here!

    Hi Adrian: Nothing better than a seafood platter on the beach/grass on a hot summer's day :)

    Hi Trisha: Yes, because then we at least know that we're getting our moneys worth hehe!

    Hi Conor: Yep, definitely great portions and value for money. Yes, I think I'll definitely have to head back during winter :)

    Hi L and J: Congrats on starting up your blog! I will make sure to check it out :)

    Hi Mike: Thank you! Yes, it's either you love it or hate it! Thank you so much :)

  12. One of the things that I love most about Newtown is that I am constantly discovering great shops, restaurants and experiences, even after many years in the area.

    I haven't tried Grub and Tucker but your photo of the Tiger Prawn & Scallop Risotto with Proscuitto, Parmesan and Fresh Herbs made my mouth start watering straight away.

    Another new discovery! Great!


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