Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year: Best of 2009

Hello All! 

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 brings much happiness, love and success for you :) 

I thought I'd start my first post of 2010 with a very short & sweet round up of some of my favourites of 2009. 

An Oldie but a Goodie: 

I can never get enough of their naan bread and delicious curries! 

So Glad I Found You: 

A local Japanese restaurant in Campsie that I'm always going back to. I especially love their huge portion of seaweed salad! 

I would wake up extra early on weekend for breakfast at: 

Exciting, beautifully presented and orgasmically (is that a word?!) delicious! 

Most unique dining experience: 

Dinner & movie! Delicious Indian vegetarian buffet meal followed by lazing/sleeping on big lounges and cushions to watch the movie. 

I always have the biggest cravings for: 

I can't get enough of their sushi! 

I felt super special at: 

Each dish was packed full of flavour and exquisitely presented. The service was the highlight and it definitely made me feel like royalty! 

I never thought I'd: 

Before I started blogging and reading foodblogs, I never really thought about baking. But after baking my own banana bread, it'll be hard to go back and pay $3.50 for a slice! 


Of course there are so many more places that I've love love loved, but here are just a few. Look out for some tasty new posts coming your way very soon!  


  1. Can I just say that, that photo at Kazbah looks remarkably like um.... *blush* LOL LOL. Or is it just me and my dirty mind?

    Good to see you back! Nice wrap up :D

  2. Happy New Year Betty! Welcome back :) So many yummy posts from you last year, here's to a year more yumminess!

  3. Happy New Year to you too!!!

    I hear you about the $3.50/slice business... I find it VERY difficult to buy cupcakes for the exorbitant amount most places charge for them!

  4. All great choices; what a great 2009!

  5. Hope you had a great time away. And now that you're back, more baking please! =p

  6. great recap of your 2009. some nice finds there i hope to try one day :-)

  7. Hi Betty! Next time you are in Balmain let me know - I'd love to go to kazbah with you! And to Karen - yes it's your dirty mind! LOL! Kidding!

  8. Welcome back! Yes, let us know when you're going to Kazbah. Just don't tell Karen...

  9. Heh I love those titles you have-very original and gives me an instant sense of what you thought of them. And hehe yes I know it's hard for me to buy a lot of baked goods knowing how easy they are to make at home! :)

  10. Thousand Spices in Homebush? I've been on a lookout for a good Indian joint near my area and this one sounds good! Will have to try it one of these days, Bets!

  11. Happy new year, Betty and welcome back :)

  12. Have to agree, Govinda's is something different and the vegetarian food is good, even for a meat eater like me.

    You have to check out FRIGHT NIGHT,its dinner plus a show like DRACULA's in Melbourne,ive never been but they expanded to ermington i believe,the original is in liverpool


  13. Love the photo with the capers....true food porn!!!!!!

  14. Hi Karen: Hehe... dirty dirty mind you! Thanks dear :)

    Hi Steph: Aww thank you! Here's to more eating adventures with you missy!

    Hi Conor: I know, it's ridiculous isn't it?! Hope you had a great new years :)

    Hi Joey: Thank you!

    Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse: Thank you! Hehe I'll try :)

    Hi Simon: Thank you!

    Hi Trissa: Ok, I'll definitely give you a buzz next time!

    Hi Belle: Hehe will do!

    Hi Lorraine: Thank you! I never even realised until I started foodblogging!

    Hi Trisha: You definitely have to try Thousand Spices, the naan bread is amazing!

    Hi Ellie: Thank you and same to you!

    Hi Sydneyguyrojoe: Yes, I really enjoyed the whole experience at Govinda's. Ooh, I went to the one in the Gold Coast, that was pretty good! Thanks, will have to check it out!

    Hi Kitchen Butterfly: Thank you :)


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