Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ladurée, Champs-Elysées, Paris

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Value: $$$

As some of you may know, I went on a little holiday in January to Europe. It was awesome, I had the best time and I am currently experiencing post-holiday depression (4 weeks on!). My first stop was Paris, which is a beautiful city filled with beautiful streets, buildings and people. My days were spent walking around, shopping, eating, and more shopping - yeah, it was pretty tough! Hehe. And the food? Let's just say, I was obsessed with baguettes (not very French-like apparently), pastries and crepes!

Macarons: violet-blackcurrant, pistachio, caramel with superfine salt, praline.
4 mini macarons - €7.10

I actually didn't plan much before I left for my trip. The only thing that I booked was afternoon tea at The Ritz in London (post coming soon) and the only place that I knew that I had to go to in Paris was Ladurée, to try their famous macarons, of course.

Ladurée was founded in 1862 and there are currently four outlets around Paris and four others around the world. They are famous for their macarons, so famous that they have millions of fans around the world (ok I made that up!) but they have a fan page on facebook, and remember that episode of Gossip Girl where Chuck Bass flew over a box of Ladurée macarons for Blair to profess his love? That was so awesome. I love Chuck Bass.

For those who aren't sure what a macaron is - a macaron is lots of sugary goodness in the form of a meringue like mini cake which is crisp on the outside and smooth and soft on the inside. I noticed that they're pretty common in Paris, they even sold them at Maccas and in the supermarket!

I was immediately attracted to the store front of Ladurée, which is filled with pastel colours and little cakes and macarons on display. As soon as I stepped inside the Champs-Elysées store, I was in love. It was just the definition of French chic. There were two levels, with both the restaurant/dining area and the store front where you can walk in and purchase your goodies. It was very elegant, cosy and a little bit lavish, with silk curtains, chandeliers and beautiful crockery.

Cappuccino €5.20

I ordered four macarons to share (I would've ordered more if I was sharing with a girl!) and we ordered a drink each, the cappuccino and Ladurée's hot chocolate. The flavours I ordered were the violet-blackcurrant, pistachio, caramel with superfine salt and praline. The texture of the macarons was amazing, I could now see why they were so popular. There was a beautiful crisp outer and they was soft and gooey on the inside. My favourite had to be the caramel with superfine salt, I loved the sweet and salty contrast. It tasted a little bit like a werther's original!

Ladurée's hot chocolate (Chocolat Chaud Ladurée) €6.50

The drinks were perfect for this chilly day in Paris. The hot chocolate was so smooth and creamy, just the way that a hot chocolate should be. The cappucino came out with a mountain of froth, it was also smooth and nicely complemented the sweetness of the macarons.

Store front display


I think the fact that I was on holidays made me love everything just that much more. But the macarons at Ladurée were really something special. And the thing I loved the most about the whole experience was the service. They were courteous and accomodating. We sat there for about three hours and we never felt rushed to leave - I guess that's just the French way!

Ladurée Champs Elysées
75, avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris
Open 7 days 7.30am to 11.00pm
Visit the website for more locations and information:


  1. Wow, the place is absolutely gorgeous - lucky you! I have a hankering for macarons now...

  2. Laduree.... you can't go to paris without visiting them. How great was their macarons!

  3. Ahh, how beautiful is Paris?! It was one of the highlights of my Europe trip, though I visited BB (before blogging) so didn't know about Laduree!

    OMG, 6.50 euro for a hot chocolate?!

  4. Laduree and the macarons you had there are just beautiful. I suppose being in *Paris* makes it even better (and yes, I'm jealous!)

  5. So awesome. I like the sound of a macaron that tastes like a wethers original and the shop looks so lovely! Oh and I love Chuck Bass too :D

  6. im so jealous my soul is crying at the lack of macarons in my life

  7. I've heard such great things about this place, and your pictures just makes me the more envious that i can't be there

  8. Ooh I squealed when I saw your post title! Isn't it gorgeous. Love the building and love the pastries and macarons there. *sigh* Thanks for sharing it Betty!

  9. The macarons look so good! I don't know when I'll get a chance to visit Paris but I'm definitely going to Laduree! And your Chuck Bass mention just reminded me to watch the latest episode of Gossip Girl hehe

  10. The building & macarons look gorgeous. So jealous!

  11. And the food bloggers obsession with macarons continues :) Oh what a great post. Chuck Bass is great and I'm glad he also appreciates the macaron.

  12. i love it! this place is so adorable with the cute colours and decor...very you.
    the cappuccino is quite pricey though. if someone asked me to pay over 5 euros for one i'd probably laugh... then feel a bit awkward. but whatever, it's Paris.

  13. Macarons at Maccas?!
    "I'll have a big mac and a little mac please" ;)

  14. I have heard so much about this place. It looks like home to me. The macarons look perfectly happily bitten into. Thanks for sharing.

  15. !! so exciting! I would love to visit France - I'm so jealous! :) The food and everything sounds amazing. Love the macarons... mmmm

  16. Your trip looks to be a gastronomical success! And check out those babies (macrons). I understand what you mean about everything tasting better when your on holidays...I was in cheesecake heaven when in New York.

  17. Très belle, j'ai désir de aller a Paris encore une fois pour gouter ces macarons...


  18. I am so so so jealous of you!!!!!!! ; )

  19. Paris is my ultimate destination for so many reasons and has been for many years - food being only one of many!

  20. The Macarons are so pretty. Oh Paris, I cant wait till I finally make it there.

  21. I've been waiting for your posts Betty! And they didnt disappoint! Can't wait to read more of your trip! Especially the Ritz - my first time there they actually turned me away for not being "dressed enough" lol!

  22. I;m sooo jealous! This must have been a wonderful trip!

  23. holy moly so beautiful betty!!! The macarons look perfect, the crockery, building. Im loving the sound of the caramel macaron which tasted like werther's original.

    You know what im so traumatised by the sight of macarons i swear it feels like i can never eat em again :(

  24. Oh good lord! Is it awkward it I admit I almost started licking the screen? Laduree is my mecca and I'm bursting with excitement at making the pilgrimage in less than 3 months. Macarons are almost non-existent in Perth. Your post has reaffirmed it is everything I've been dreaming of.

  25. Hi Rose: It was so gorgeous!

    Hi Ellie: I agree :) So good, so different to any I've tried in Sydney. And the hospitality and service were perfect!

    Hi Rilsta: I love Paris! Hehe it's funny how things are now pre or post blogging! I went before and didn't know about it, and this time I researched and knew I had to make a stop there!

    Hi Belle: Hehe, yes it's true.

    Hi Steph: That one was my fave :) The shop is beyond gorgeous! Yay for the Chuck Bass love!

    Hi Chocolatesuze: Aww... head to Zumbo for a fix now!

    Hi Carmen: It definitely lives up to expectations!

    Hi Lorraine: Hehe! Oh, so gorgeous! Ahh I miss it! No worries :)

    Hi Jacq: Yes, you definitely should! Hehe love Chuck Bass!

    Hi Missklicious: Yes, so very gorgeous!

    Hi Mark: Thank you :) Woo hoo, another Chuck Bass fan!

    Hi Bea: Thanks :) Yes, I looked at the menu and prices, and decided to ignore them! haha.

    Hi Conor: Yes, it's true!

    Hi Sarah: I hope you see it too!

    Hi Amy: It was such a lovely experience! No problem!

    Hi Anita: Everything was so amazing! I hope you get to go there and experience it too!

    Hi Adrian: Oh, I would love to go to New York and eat my way through, that would be amazing!!

    Bonjour Le Ninja: J'espère que vous aller à Paris encore, au goût de ces macarons belle. LOL!

    Hi Brenda: Hehe. Someone's got to do it! ;)

    Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse: I hope you get to go there one day!

    Hi A Cupcake of Two: I'm sure you'll love it when you do!

    Hi Trissa: Aww thank you, you are too kind! :) Omg! That sounds like a story! Hehe..

    Hi Anh: It was so wonderful, it sucks to be back in reality!

    Hi Leona: Haha I'd be traumatised if I went on that crazy Zumbo macaron day as well! Oh, but I'm sure that your fears would be erased if you had them in Paris :)

    Hi Wannabegourmand: Lol! Oh, how exciting! I'm sure you'll have an amazing trip! I love everything about Paris!


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