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Mizuya Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke, Sydney

How was it?
Food: 8/10
Service: 6.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Value: $$$

Move over Wagaya, there's a new touch-screen Japanese eatery in town! Mizuya Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke is situated in the heart of the city, opposite the cinemas on George St, close to where all the youngsters hang at Galaxy World etc. (I still remember taking sticker photos there back in the day! haha).

I still find the whole touch screen menu thing quite the novelty. There's quite a selection of goodies to go through and it's pretty hard to restrain yourself. We ended up ordering a little bit too much, I think!

Gemini (non-alcoholic drink) $5.80

There's a selection of non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drinks including traditional Japanese sakes and liqueur, and yummy looking cocktails. I stuck to a non-alcoholic drink (pictured above), which was pretty disappointing as it was quite bland :( But the other alcoholic drinks at the table were rather nice, so I'd go for something alcoholic next time ;)

Please excuse the crappy photos. There wasn't much room for all of our dishes and my hunger/excitement might have prevented me from capturing the food in all of its glory! Anyway, to start off we ordered a few items from the 'kushiyaki' menu:

Ox Tongue Kushiyaki $5.80

The ox tongue was warm, very tender and flavoursome. It wasn't chewy at all and I'd definitely order it again.

Marbled Beef Fillet Kushiyaki $5.80

On the screen, the marbled beef fillets were in cubes, but instead it came out in slices. It didn't matter so much after that first bite - tender and moist with just a slight hint of sweetness.

Tuna Belly Kushiyaki $5.00

I didn't get to try the tuna belly kushiyaki, but I heard no complaints, so I'm guessing they were pretty good!

Garlic Shoots with Beef Kushiyaki $5.80

I really enjoyed the garlic shoots and beef kushiyaki. The garlic shoots looked a bit like asparagus, and had a very similar texture. They provided a sweet and unique crunch against the beef.

Assorted Kushiyaki 10pieces $19.80

Assorted Kushiyaki 10pieces $19.80

The assorted kushiyaki platter was great and definitely much better value! There were ten different types of kushiyaki and every one of them was delicious.

Roast tomato wrapped in Bacon Kushiyaki (from the assorted kushiyaki platter)

I can't remember all of them, but I do remember the beef fillet, chicken wings, chicken thigh, king prawn, green chilli and the roasted tomato wrapped in bacon. That particular one was really fun to eat as the tomato just pops in your mouth and the bacon was tasty too, definitely enjoyed that one!

Soft Shell Crab Salad $9.80

We needed some greens to balance out all of that meat! The soft shell crab salad was a reasonable sized portion. The lotus chips on top were crispy and the soft shell crab was meaty and crunchy :) The best part was the Japanese mayo dressing!

Mixed Soya Milk Hot Pot (large) $38.50

Mixed Soya Milk Hot Pot (large) $38.50

It was an unexpectedly chilly night, so we decided that hot pot was in order. We ordered the mixed soya milk hot pot. The soy broth was light and flavoursome whilst the serve of vegetables and seafood were very generous. One of the best things about cooler months is hot pot, I think!

Deluxe Sashimi Platter $38.00

The sashimi platter was very beautifully presented and they were all kinds of fresh and melt in your mouth goodness. The different types of sashimi included: salmon, tuna, king fish, another white fish (not sure of the name), prawn, scallops and squid. The best one was definitely the white fish that none of us knew the name of! It was a thin slice and it was so soft and just melted in your mouth - it definitely sent moans around the table! The tuna sashimi wasn't as good as the one at Masuya, but the other ones were pretty great. W also pointed out that they used real wasabi, rather than horse-radish from a tube, big points to Mizuya for that! K also pronounced that it was the best sashimi that she had tried in Sydney [edit: *Since coming back from her trip to Japan a few months ago].

Green Tea Soft Serve $2.00

'Omg so cheap... oh it's just soft serve'. Haha

Green Tea Shiratama Sundae $3.50

Two desserts were ordered. The first was the green tea soft serve which was surprisingly delicious with that distinct green tea flavour. The green tea shiratama sundae was the same green tea soft-serve with red bean and glutinous balls - you can't really go wrong with that combo now, can you? The point is, don't knock the soft-serve til you've tried it, it's definitely worth it!

I had a very enjoyable experience at Mizuya. The food was great, prices were reasonable and I will definitely be going back. It's good to go with more people, and they even have rooms for hire where you can eat and do a bit of karaoke! The service was not as swift as Wagaya, as we had to wait a little bit longer for food & drinks, but they were all very courteous and helpful. The only downside was the wait as they do not take reservations for the dining area (only the private rooms), we had to wait about 30 minutes on a Friday night, so keep that in mind if you decide to go!

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke
614 George St, (Basement)
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: (02) 9266 0866
Open 7 Days 11.30am - Midnight
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  1. Yes! So jealous you got to go here already, I've been dying to go ever since I saw Yas' post. Must go for karaoke! Ooh I want the green tea soft serve :)

  2. I have never been somewhere with touch screens like this, and I don't think I could be trusted to order... the combination of my food greed and how much I like to press buttons would be very dangerous.

    That green tea soft serve looks so funny, for some reason. I guess you don't imagine Mr Whippy serving green tea flavour!

  3. That looks awesome!! I love anything with a novelty - even the self check outs at Coles! But it all looked so yummy and now you have me craving green tea ice cream.... yum!! :)

  4. Ooh this place sounds so cool! Thanks for letting us know about it! Hehe did you do karaoke? :)

  5. I heard about this place I remember my friend telling me abt the salmon skin in comparison to wagaya.

    These touch screen things are becoming the next asian trend. you know where din tai fung is... up stairs there there is a new japanese / wagaya style restaurant opening soon.. Couple of weeks ago they were putting up the screens mite be opening soon ^_^

    $2 for green tea ICECREAM totally cheap!!

  6. Heya! Thanks for sharing this with us - great value for money! And nothing can beat great Japanese food and karaoke!

  7. Aww sif not get the K room :P and omg tuna BELLY kushiyaki?!?!? as in actual tuna belly 0_o and only 5 dora? I am very interested to see how that one tastes mmmm

  8. I was there for dinner yesterday and it was so cool....except for the fact I was there with my guy friend who is on some weirdo diet - he doesnt eat dinner but just drinks protein shakes - and as a result, i didnt get to eat much cos otherwise i wud have looked like a pig! LOL

  9. I have been hearing this cool place. Will definitely check it out soon!!!

  10. ahh Karaoke...good times. The ox tongue sewers do look tasty indeed!

  11. I went here on Friday. It was great. The decor was cool, I really like the blossom trees and horse lamp. I enjoyed the sushimi platter and the sizzling beef kushiyaki. I would definitely go back.

  12. Hate the wait too but I enjoy the food and playing with the touch screen is too much fun!

  13. Yeah I love mizuya over wagaya too, the food is definitely fresher and tastier. and we had the chicken tail! SO GOOD!!! Next time I must go there to try out the karaoke room!

  14. there's always something really interesting and unique about these japanese restaurants. i've been to some here in california and they have similar dishes. in my opinion, i'd prefer sushi over this any day, hehe. :)

  15. OMG I didn't think a karaoke and fine dining co-exists. I must try this place!

  16. oh nice! I've been su-per curious about mizuya since it opened but all my friends said it was dodge + overpriced so I've stayed away

    but hey with sweet cocktails & green tea soft serve, you have my attention! and half an hour on a friday night ain't too bad

  17. Hi Steph: Hehe. The green tea soft serve was awesome, did you get to try it when you went?

    Hi Conor: Oh, it's so terrible because you really do get carried away with those touch screens, but it's so much fun! Haha, green tea flavour might be a little too compelex for Mr. Whippy!

    Hi Eyes Bigger Than Belly: I agree, although I find those check outs really annoying! I'd rather someone just do it for me! lol.

    Hi Lorraine: No worries :) No, we just went for dinner. Will have to go back for karaoke!

    Hi Leona: Ooh interesting, we should check it out :) I think the touch screen thing is becoming the next trend - I wonder if I'll ever get over the novelty of it though... hmm..! Omg, I know.. so cheap, totally worth it! :D

    Hi Trissa: No worries :) Definitely great value for money!

    Hi FFichiban: Haha next time! I think you'd enjoy it very much!

    Hi Ling: Omg, that totally sucks. You should have abandoned him and gotten some other people to go with you! Haha. Although, maybe it's a good thing from stopping you from over-ordering (as that tends to happen!)

    Hi Elli: Cool! Hope you like it!

    Hi Adrian: Yes, the ox tongue was very tasty!

    Hi Mark: Cool! Really glad you enjoyed your meal there too!

    Hi SK: Hehe, it's so much fun, but really easy to get carried away!

    Hi Billy: Definitely! Chicken tail?? Interesting. Maybe I'll give that a try next time! Thanks for the tip!

    Hi Krissy: I guess it's each to their own :)

    Hi Elaine: Hehe, you should definitely give it a try!

    Hi Grace: Really? How come?... yep, the food was really good and you have to get the green tea soft serve! :)


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