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Bau Truong Restaurant, Cabramatta

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I love good food, even more when it's good cheap food! And the best place for good cheap food (in my opinion) is in Sydney's western suburb of Cabramatta. I've been coming to Cabramatta since I was little with my family, it's like a mini-Asia in itself.

Assorted sauces

Bau Truong is a popular Vietnamese restaurant on the main street (John St). D* and I frequent this eatery whenever we come to Cabra. We've been loyal customers since they were in that little alleyway, pre new/jazzed up premises! We almost always order the same thing. I.e. Bun Nem Nuong (rice vermicelli noodles with grilled beef balls) and she gets the che ba mau (3 coloured drink) and I get the sam bo luong. We don't even need to look at the menu, but we pretend to anyway.

Bun Nem Nuong $10.00
(Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Meat Balls)

Bun Nem Nuong $10.00
(Rice Vermicelli with Grilled Meat Balls)

I love the fresh vermicelli noodles and the grilled meat balls, which are juicy and flavoursome. Smothered in fish sauce, you can't go wrong with this dish and it's definitely one of my favourite foods (big call, I know!).

Nem Nuong Cuon $7.50
(Grilled Meat Ball Fresh Rolls)

Despite my love of those noodles, a trip to Cabramatta with some lovely ladies (last year!) allowed me to sample a few more dishes on offer from the menu. It's always good to eat with more people because then you get to sample more and don't look like such a pig :) We ordered the nem nuong cuon, which were rice paper rolls filled with grilled meat ball and rice vermicelli. They were very fresh and tasty.

Xoi Chien Gion $7.50
(Crispy Sticky Rice)

Lili decided to randomly choose the xoi chien gion, which none of us had any idea what to expect. Luckily it was an absolute winner. Sticky rice and mung bean, fried to a golden crisp, it was so moreish!

Goi Du Du Tom Thit $15.00
(Green Paw Paw with Prawn & Pork Salad)

The green paw paw with prawn & pork salad was again so very fresh and tasty! It was a whole pile of sliced green paw paw with prawn and pork scattered throughout. Impressive presentation too, no? Lathered in generous amounts of fish sauce and chilli, I could eat this everyday!

Ca Ri De $10.00
(Goat Curry)

I had never tried goat meat before so I was anxious and excited to try the goat curry. We were all pleasantly surprised. It reminded me very much of a Cambodian style curry with the strong taste of star anise and it was more of a soup that your 'traditional' curry. I thought the addition of noodles were great and the goat meat was surprisingly tender and soft. It was delicious as it had really soaked up all the curry juices. Another surprise hit!

Sam Bo Luong $3.50

My standard drink is the sam bo luong (I'm not sure of the English name). But inside is a combination of seaweed, barley, seeds and water chestnuts. It is sweet deliciousness and always satisfying.

Che Ba Mau $3.50

D*'s standard drink is the che ba mau (three coloured drinks). A combination of red bean, mung bean and green tapioca jelly. You might think it looks funny, but it is seriously awesome! Definitely worth a try!

I love Bau Truong. The food is great, it's on the flashier side of restaurants in Cabramatta, but prices are still great. I've been to the Canley Heights one, but the original one is much better (in my opinion). Service is a bit hit and miss, but that's to be expected in this side of town! I have been going for years and will continue to.

Bau Truong Vietnamese Restaurant
Shop 10-12,
70 John St
Cabramatta NSW 2166
Tel: (02) 9727 4492
Open 7 Days
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  1. it's definitely one of the more popular ones in cabramatta. i really want to try the Green Paw Paw with Prawn & Pork Salad next time i'm there. i missed out on this one last time.

  2. I love Cabramatta too - there's such a great energy about the place and exploring the pokey little alleys with fresh fruits, seafood and sugar cane juicing machines is half the fun.

    Cheu ba mau is one of my favourite drinks - I like to think of it as a dessert and drink all-in-one!

  3. I love Bau Truong too!! Can we go back soon please?? I miss all the yummy super cheap food!

  4. I love Viet food. It's always so fresh and healthy AND delicious. I recently bought Luke Nguyen's cook book but have so far only made the lemongrass beef!

  5. The food looks great overall but especially intrigued by the multi-layered drink/dessert items.

    Never taken the time to eat out at Cabra, though I probably should at some stage.

  6. I really like Bau Truong. Its my second favourite to Tan Viet. I also love Nem Nuong, your making me crave those yummy pork sausages!

  7. I'm new to Vietnamese food but the looks excellent, I'm itching to try it actually. I'm so excited to move to Sydney & try all these amazing places!

  8. Ahhh I don't go Cabra much but I heard I have to for some real Viet... so I shall have to brave the streets one day hee hee

  9. I find visiting Cabramatta like going on holidays! The people there really make the suburb too-so friendly and lovely :D

  10. oooh 3 colours. I always either get that or soda egg yolk. They match so well with rice vermicelli based dishes.

  11. I have never been to Cabramatta to eat but it looks amazing a really fresh. I will need to make the journey.

  12. My hand is up for some of those noodles (plus the meatballs). The dishes look great.. would love to try them.

  13. whenever we ate out as a family we'd ALWAYS get one of each of those drinks hehe my fav would be the che ba mau though yummy :O)

  14. Looks like some good eating. I love goat, it's pretty lean and tasty and works so well with slow cooked dishes. I have some in my freezer waiting for inspiration to strike!

    I quite like the look and sound of the crispy sticky rice. Excellent random menu choice :)

  15. Oh, I wish I lived closer to Cabramatta and its great (cheap) food! Bau Truong is definitely on my list for when the wonderful day comes and I get to visit. The Bun Nem Nuong looks so good.

  16. How I wish cabramatta was closer to where I lived. I would go there everyweek. The food is just amazing and the prices soooo reasonable! Thanks for sharing this write-up. I think we missed it the last time we were there. I'll make sure next time, I try it.

  17. The goat meat curry-soup sounds great! When I've had goat it's been more tender than lamb, but seems to be bonier for some reason.

  18. Thank you! I'm going to this place the next time I go to cabramatta. Especially for the Bun Nem Nuong.

  19. Hey Betty you should try Phu Quoc, awesome awesome sugar cane shrimps to wrap. My fav joint

  20. your review is spot on, despite it being a little flashier than other places in Cabramatta,its still CHEAP!!


  21. Hi Simon: Yep, the salad was great. You should definitely try it next time!

    Hi Helen: I so agree! I would definitely say that che ba mau is a dessert! I love finding all the different little things in there :)

    Hi Steph: Yes yes! We have to go back soon. <3 Cabra!

    Hi Gastronomy Gal: Oh cool. Yep, I love how Viet food is so fresh!

    Hi Simon: Omg. You have to go to Cabra. There's so much deliciousness there!

    Hi Amy: Oh yes, Tan Viet is awesome too!

    Hi Laura: There are so many awesome places in Sydney for you to explore!

    Hi FFichiban: Yes, you have to go! We'll take you one day (sooon!) ;)

    Hi Lorraine: It's like being transported into another country almost! Love Cabra!

    Hi Adrian: I've never tried the soda egg yolk, but it seems quite popular? Maybe I should try it next time I'm at a Viet restaurant...

    Hi Mark: You really need to make the journey I think!

    Hi Anita: Those noodles are one of my fave dishes ever!

    Hi Betty: Hehe, I used to love going out to lunch with the family just because I knew I'd get a fun drink!

    Hi conor: Oh, I was so surprised by the goat! Would definitely like to try some more goat dishes. The crispy sticky rice was such an awesome choice!

    Hi Belle: You must make the trek there, it's totally worth it!

    Hi Trissa: I know. It's kind of ridiculous how much difference in price there is between Cabra and other parts of Sydney!

    Hi Arwen: The goat curry was such a lovely surprise for all of us.

    Hi Foodwink: Cool! Hope you like it!

    Hi Linda: Ok, I must try it next time I'm in Cab!

    Hi Sydneyguyrojoe: Yep, I love it!


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